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Table 1 Summary of differentially expressed genes

From: Short chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency and short-term high-fat diet perturb mitochondrial energy metabolism and transcriptional control of lipid-handling in liver

Experimental comparison Total Increased Decreased
HF: Acads−/− vs. Acads+/+ 182 108 74
LF: Acads−/− vs. Acads+/+ 72 31 41
Acads+/+: HF vs. LF 284 97 187
Acads−/−: HF vs. LF 287 145 142
  1. The Applied Biosystems Mouse Genome Survey Microarray v2.0 was used to identify in liver the differential expression of genes by genotype or diet. A total of 12 arrays were used. Lists of differentially expressed genes for each comparison are based on a fold change of ≥1.5 and a P value of <0.05