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Table 1 Total energy and nutrition expenditure of the supper and the test meals

From: Alanine-fortified tomatoes relieve the acute alcohol-induced adverse effects in healthy men: a randomized cross-over study

  Energy, kcal   716  
  Protein, g   16.4  
Supper Fat, g   39.4  
  Carbonhydrate, g   74.0  
  Dietary fiber, g   12.0  
   Alanine-fotified tomato   Control (sugar)
  Energy, kcal 150   152
  Protein, g 14.1   0.0
Test meal   (alanine: 10.4 g)   
  Fat, g 0.6   0.0
  Carbonhydrate, g 18.2   38.0
  Dietary fiber, g 4.0   0.0
   (insoluble: 2.4 g)   
  1. The amount of carbohydrate includes that of dietary fiber