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Fig. 4

From: Apple polyphenol extract improves insulin sensitivity in vitro and in vivo in animal models of insulin resistance

Fig. 4

Effects of APE on 2-deoxy-glucose uptake. a L6 myotubes were deprived of FBS for 18 h and then incubated with increasing amounts of APE (0–25 μg/mL) for 18 h. b L6 myotubes were incubated with APE (1–25 μg/mL) in the absence or presence of 50 nmol/L insulin for 18 h. Results are mean ± SEM of five independent experiments. (a) p < 0.05 compared with untreated cells. (b) p < 0.05 compared with cells treated with insulin. Black bars and white bars indicate absence or presence of insulin. Patterned bar indicates synergistic effect of insulin and APE

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