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Fig. 1

From: The effect of interaction between Melanocortin-4 receptor polymorphism and dietary factors on the risk of metabolic syndrome

Fig. 1

Adjusted OR for abdominal obesity to quartiles of fat intake by MC4R genotypes (p interaction = 0.01). Q1 < 25.23 %, Q2 = 25.23–29.30 %, Q3 = 29.30–35.83 %, Q4 > 35.83 % of energy. In addition, there was a significant interaction between total fat intake and MC4R SNPs in relation to abdominal obesity (P interaction = 0.005), such that in A allele carriers, the risk of abdominal obesity increased across quartiles of total fat intake (P trend = 0.005), an association however not significant in GG homozygote carriers (P trend =0.41)

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