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Table 2 Antibodies

From: Over-expression of Slc30a8/ZnT8 selectively in the mouse α cell impairs glucagon release and responses to hypoglycemia

Antibody Species Company Dilution
ZnT8 Rabbit Mellitech 1:200
Glucagon Mouse Sigma 1:1000
Glucagon Rabbit Santa Cruz 1:200
Insulin Guinea pig Santa Cruz 1:200
Antibody Species Company Dilution
Anti-mouse Alexa 568 Goat Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-rabbit Alexa 488 Goat Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-guinea pig Alexa 488 Donkey Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-mouse Alexa 488 Donkey Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-rabbit 568 Goat Invitrogen 1:1000