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Fig. 1

From: The ghrelin and leptin responses to short-term starvation vs a carbohydrate-free diet in men with type 2 diabetes; a controlled, cross-over design study

Fig. 1

Study Design. A standard diet consisting of 55 % carbohydrate, 15 % protein, and 30 % fat was ingested for dinner at home at 1800 h before admission, and during day 1 in the SDTU. On one occasion during days 2–4 subjects starved, on the other occasion they ingested a carbohydrate-free diet. Meals were ingested at 0800, 1200 and 1800 h. During two 24.5 h periods, from 0730 day 1 to 0800 day 2, and again from 0730 day 4 to 0800 day 5, blood was drawn a total of 42 times (3 baseline, every 15 min for 1 h after a mealtime, every 30 min for the 2nd and 3rd hours after a mealtime, and then every hour until the next mealtime

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