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Fig. 2

From: The ghrelin and leptin responses to short-term starvation vs a carbohydrate-free diet in men with type 2 diabetes; a controlled, cross-over design study

Fig. 2

Carbohydrate-Free Diet 24-hour Total Ghrelin Response. Twenty-four hour mean total ghrelin responses in 6 men with type 2 diabetes while ingesting a standard diet (top) and during the last 24 h of a 3-day a carbohydrate-free diet (bottom). B, L, D on the x-axis indicate the time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Insert: Control (standard) Diet (286 ± 765 and the CHO-free Diet (-3666 ± 1575 24 h Ghrelin Net Areas. The differences in area responses are statistically significantly different (P = 0.04)

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