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Fig. 2

From: Exposure to dietary lipid leads to rapid production of cytosolic lipid droplets near the brush border membrane

Fig. 2

Electron microscopy analysis of CLD. SEM localization of CLD in freeze fractured enterocytes collected at 4 h after lipid gavage (ad): CLD in (a) the entire cell or (b, c) the cytosol showing they abundance and size heterogeneity; (d) Golgi apparatus (Golgi) and chylomicrons (Chylo) in the secretory apparatus. Several CLD with characteristic lipid monolayer were present in the sub-apical terminal web of enterocyte (red arrows) while BBM had bilayer membranes (blue arrow heads). Observation of purified CLD (ei), SEM views of D1 before (e) or after freeze fracture (f, g), and TEM sights of D2 (h) and D3 (i) fractions. BBM: Brush Border membrane, BLM: Basolateral membrane, Nucl: Nucleus, Golgi: Golgi apparatus, Chylo, Chylomicrons

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