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Fig. 4

From: Exposure to dietary lipid leads to rapid production of cytosolic lipid droplets near the brush border membrane

Fig. 4

Protein immuno-fluorescent detection in CLD from Caco-2 cells. (a) Confocal immuno-detection of proteins in the CLD of differentiated Caco-2 cells fixed with PFA after 10 min of lipid absorption from apical micelles. Green: Bodipy 493/503 staining; Red: specific immuno-detection of either SR-BI, NPC1L1, ABC-G5, −G8, caveolin 2 and ADRP. Bars: 10 μM. These results are representative of three separate experiments. (b) The signals from the protein immuno-detection and Bodipy have Pearson’s coefficient correlations (P) and Mander’s overlaps (M) indicating high degrees of correlation. Intensity profiles were generated along linear zones of interest across a CLD indicating that the signal of each protein (red) overlaps or flanks the Bodipy signal (green)

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