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Fig. 2

From: Effect on body weight and composition in overweight/obese Australian adults over 12 months consumption of two different types of fibre supplementation in a randomized trial

Fig. 2

Change in body weight and waist during12 months of fibre supplementation a Weight, b BMI, c Waist, d Hip, e WHR. Values are changes in the parameters over the 12 months and are mean ± 95% CI error bars with baseline as a covariate. *indicates within group differences compared to baseline. Different letters represent significant differences between groups p < 0.05. 3 months n = 45 CTR, 43 PSY, 40 PGX, 6 months n = 38 CTR, 39 PSY, 32 PGX, 12 months n = 32 CTR, 36 PSY, 26 PGX. CTR Control, PSY Psyllium, PGX (PolyGlycopleX)

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