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Fig. 2

From: Combinations of bio-active dietary constituents affect human white adipocyte function in-vitro

Fig. 2

Effects of bio-active compounds on adipogenic, lipogenic and lipolytic gene expression markers. Displayed are the effects of EPA, Lyc and Res or combinations thereof on gene expression after 8 days treatment of HPAd. mRNA levels of adipogenic transcription factors PPAR-gamma a and C/EBP-alpha b, lipogenesis markers LPL c, FABP-4 d, FAS e and GLUT-4 f and lipolytic markers HSL g, ATGL h and PLIN-1 i were determined by quantitative RT-PCR. Data are shown as crude fold change (FC) ± error (based on SEM, 2 donors, 1 super lot, n ≥ 2), compared to Diff CTRL set as 1. (*) p < 0.05, (**) p < 0.01, (#) p < 0.001 (versus Diff CTRL, linear mixed model). CV for dCT values: <5% for all genes

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