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Fig. 3

From: Oral β-hydroxybutyrate increases ketonemia, decreases visceral adipocyte volume and improves serum lipid profile in Wistar rats

Fig. 3

β-hydroxybutyrate improved lipid profile and appears to influence serum lipolysis products: a Rats which drank βHB solution had improvements in LDL (−35%) and HDL (+39%) cholesterol, b with a positive correlation between HDL cholesterol and mean of ketonemia (p > 0001). Also, c despite lack of significantly changes, βHB salts treatment appears to influence serum lipolytic products, glycerol and FFA, d with a negative correlation between glycerol and mean ketonemia values (p < 0.05). e Although there is no significance in FFA data. n = 9-10 in all data except in HDL cholesterol (n = 8-10). Student’s t test. **p < 0.01. Data represent as mean (SEM)

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