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Fig. 1

From: Z-ligustilide and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins have common biological properties in macrophages and leukocytes

Fig. 1

Z-ligustilide and 15d–PGJ2 alter nitric oxide and PGE2 in LPS-activated RAW264.7 cells. a: Molecular structure of z-ligustilide. b: Effect of z-ligustilide, 15d–PGJ2 and rosiglitazone on the production of nitric oxide (NO, measured as nitrite) by LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells, which were cultured for 24 h. Mean values (± SEM) of triplicate cultures from three independent experimental series are shown. c: Interactions between z-ligustilide and 15d–PGJ2 displayed in an isobologram (for details see reference [26] and Materials and Methods). A straight line was drawn between the IC80 value for z-ligustilide (in the absence of 15d–PGJ2) and the IC80 value of 15d–PGJ2 (in the absence of z-ligustilide). The values of the substances in combination fall on the straight line and thus reflect additive effects between z-ligustilide and 15d–PGJ2. d: Inhibition of PGE2 production by 15d–PGJ2, z-ligustilide and rosiglitazone in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells which were cultured for 24 h. PGE2 was measured by EIA. Mean values ± SD of triplicates are shown. Similar results were obtained in 3 independent experimental series. Note the logarithmic scale of the axes

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