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Fig. 3

From: Z-ligustilide and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins have common biological properties in macrophages and leukocytes

Fig. 3

Production of cytokines and chemokines by RAW264.7 cells. RAW264.7 cells were stimulated for 24 h with LPS in the presence of indicated amounts of LIG. Secreted chemokines, cytokines and differentiation factors were measured by multiparametric analysis (i.e. GM-CSF, CCL5/RANTES,CCL2/MCP-1, IFN-gamma (in a); IL-1alpha, IL-6, IL-12p70, TNF-alpha (in b)). Data are expressed in % of the values obtained for LPS-stimulated cells and are the means (± CV) of triplicates from three independent experimental series. The straight dotted line indicates the level of mediators produced by ‘LPS alone’-treated cells. All values <80% of positive control were significantly lower (p < 0.01 [versus 100% positive control])

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