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Fig. 7

From: Z-ligustilide and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins have common biological properties in macrophages and leukocytes

Fig. 7

Effect of z-ligustilide on the expression of genes involved in the inflammatory response of THP-1 cells. Quantitative RT-PCR was made with RNA obtained from THP-1 cells that were stimulated with LPS for 4 h without or with LIG (25 μM), rosiglitazone (25 μM), 15d–PGJ2 (2.5 μM). a: COX-2; b: IL-1α; c: IL-6; d: TNF-α; e: CCL20/MIP-3α; f: MIP-2; 7 g: CXCL8/IL-8; h: MMP-9. Bars represent mean values of fold change +/− errors of triplicates (versus unstimulated cells). * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01 (versus ‘LPS-only’ stimulated cells)

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