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Table 1 Typical sources of nutrients and non-nutrients in rodent purified ingredient diets and grain-based diets

From: The common use of improper control diets in diet-induced metabolic disease research confounds data interpretation: the fiber factor

Nutrients or Non-nutrients Purified Ingredient Diet Grain-Based Diet
  Typical Sources Typical Sources
Protein Casein Dehulled soybean meal, ground corn and wheat, whey, alfalfa
Fat Soybean oil, corn oil Porcine animal fat, fish meal, meat meal
Carbohydrate Corn starch, maltodextrin, sucrose Dehulled soybean meal, ground corn, ground oats, wheat middlings
Fiber Refined Cellulose (INSOLUBLE Fiber) Ground corn or wheat, dried beet pulp, ground oats, alfalfa, wheat middlings (SOLUBLE and INSOLUBLE Fibers including cellulose, hemicellulose, lignins and pectin)
Micronutrients Vitamin and mineral premixes Most ingredients, extra micronutrients added
Phytoestrogens None present in diet Mainly soybean meal, alfalfa meal
Heavy Metals None present in diet Mainly from grains and meat meals