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Table 3 The association of dietary TAC and NO index with the incidence of CVD after 6.7 years of follow-up: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study 2006–2008 to 2014 (n = 2369)

From: Total antioxidant capacity of the diet modulates the association between habitual nitrate intake and cardiovascular events: A longitudinal follow-up in Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

(≥ 1284 μmol TE/100 g)
Nitric oxide index
(≥ 300)
n/N a 39/1176 42/1179
Crude 0.99 (0.63–1.54) 1.13 (0.73–1.77)
Adjusted b 0.97 (0.59–1.59) 1.12 (0.69–1.83)
  1. Hazards ratio (95% CI); Cox proportional hazard regression models were used
  2. TAC and nitric oxide index were included as dichotomous variables (< or ≥ median intakes)
  3. Median of dietary TAC and nitric oxide index was 1284 μmol TE/100 g and 300, respectively
  4. TAC total antioxidant capacity, CVD cardiovascular disease, TE trolox equivalent; NOx, NO3 + NO2
  5. a n (event)/N (total)
  6. b Adjusted for dietary total energy intakes (kcal/d), total fat (g/d), dietary fiber (g/d) and cardiovascular disease risk score