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Fig. 8 | Nutrition & Metabolism

Fig. 8

From: Maternal overnutrition by hypercaloric diets programs hypothalamic mitochondrial fusion and metabolic dysfunction in rat male offspring

Fig. 8

Lipotoxicity of palmitic acid induced decrease in mitochondrial mass, membrane potential (ΔΨm) and in ER signal. (a) Representative confocal microscopy images of ΔΨm, which was measured by the retention of TMRM (red), and ER-Tracker Green to define the cytosol. (b) Quantification of mitochondrial membrane potential. Mitochondrial mass, which was calculated from the images stained with TMRM and ER-Tracker Green. ER-Tracker Green fluorescence intensity. Data are mean ± SEM, and values are from three independent experiments. *p < 0.01 compared to control group. Scale bar = 10 μm

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