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Table 2 r2 comparison between linear and biphasic regressiona

From: Whole-body net protein balance plateaus in response to increasing protein intakes during post-exercise recovery in adults and adolescents

  Group Linear r2 Biphasic r2
Protein intake M 0.56 0.68
(g·kg−1·h−1) F 0.43 0.56
  AM 0.54 0.67
  AF 0.64 0.80
Protein intake M 0.56 0.69
(g·kgFFM−1·h−1) F 0.45 0.56
  AM 0.43 0.55
  AF 0.66 0.82
  1. ar2 values for mixed model linear regression and mixed model biphasic linear regression were compared to determine the preferred model for analysis (higher r2 = preferred model)
  2. AF adolescent females, AM adolescent males, F females, M males