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Fig. 2

From: Effect of the lipoxygenase inhibitor baicalein on bone tissue and bone healing in ovariectomized rats

Fig. 2

Bending tests of the tibia at the osteotomy site and femora at the trochanteric region. Stiffness (a and c), maximal force (Fmax, b and d). Stiffness was affected by baicalein (C3) in femur and by C2 in tibial callus. Ovariectomy diminished the Fmax in femora, whereas in tibiae no differences were detected in Fmax due to the high variation between the groups. ***p ≤ 0.001, ** ≤ 0.01, *p ≤ 0.05 (for tibia callus (a and b) NON-OVX n = 6, OVX n = 8, C1 n = 7, C2 n = 7, C3 n = 7; for femur (c and d): NON-OVX n = 10, OVX n = 9, C1 n = 10, C2 n = 9, C3 n = 10)

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