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Fig. 5

From: Effect of the lipoxygenase inhibitor baicalein on bone tissue and bone healing in ovariectomized rats

Fig. 5

Fluorochrome-labelled sections and microradiographs of the metaphysis of the tibiae. Fluorochrome-labelled sections (first row) and microradiographs (second row) in the NON-OVX (a), OVX (b) and baicalein-treated groups in ascending doses (c-e) showed delayed healing, with a large osteotomy gap in the OVX group, whereas in the baicalein-treated groups, the osteotomy gap was smaller and the callus more compact and denser, primarily at the edges. The red box shows an exemplary bridged callus area on day 26. In the NON-OVX group, bone healing at the advanced stage showed a compact dense callus around the gap (NON-OVX n = 9, OVX n = 9, C1 n = 7, C2 n = 7, C3 n = 10)

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