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Fig. 1

From: Aerobic exercise decreases chemerin/CMKLR1 in the serum and peripheral metabolic organs of obesity and diabetes rats by increasing PPARγ

Fig. 1

Protocols of the 4-week exercise and treatment with PPARγ agonist and antagonist. The rats in Con, OB and DM groups kept sedentary life while EOB, EDM, EDG and EDP rats participated in a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on a treadmill with gradually increasing intensity and duration, once a day and 6 days/week, and at 30 min before exercise the rats in EDP and EDG groups were intragastrically administered PPARγ agonist pioglitazone (10 mg/kg body weight) and PPARγ antagonist GW9662 (1 mg/kg body weight) respectively. Con: control; OB: obesity; DM: diabetes mellitus; EOB: exercised OB; EDM: exercised DM. EDP: EDM + pioglitazone; EDG: EDM + GW9662

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