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Fig. 1

From: Maternal diet deficient in riboflavin induces embryonic death associated with alterations in the hepatic proteome of duck embryos

Fig. 1

Effects of maternal riboflavin deficiency on egg hatchability, embryonic mortality, and plasma and yolk riboflavin concentration. a Egg hatchability in the riboflavin-deficient (RD) and the control (CON) group. b Time distribution curve of dead embryos from RD eggs from 7-week riboflavin-depleted ducks. A total of 164 RD eggs were included. c Plasma riboflavin concentration in the RD and CON maternal ducks. d Egg yolk riboflavin concentration in the RD and CON group. Data are means ± SEM (n = 10). An asterisk indicates a statistically significant difference between the RD and CON group at P < 0.05

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