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Fig. 3

From: A novel lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA triple network identifies lncRNA TWF1 as an important regulator of miRNA and gene expression in coronary artery disease

Fig. 3

Functional annotation, PPI network construction and identified hub items. a GO analysis for DEGs; (b): KEGG analysis for DEGs; (c): DO analysis for DEGs. The inner ring is a bar plot where the height of the bar indicates the significance of the term and color corresponds to the z-score. The outer ring displays scatter plots of the expression levels (logFC) for the genes in each term. d PPI network of the selected DEGs. Edge stands for the interaction between two genes. A degree was used for describing the importance of protein nodes in the network, red shows a high degree and white presents a low degree. The significant modules identified from the PPI network using the molecular complex detection method with a score of > 6.0. e GO analysis for DEMis; (f): KEGG analysis for DEMis

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