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Table 6 Interaction of dietary and lifestyle factors and genetic risk scores (GRS) of model 71 in the risk of subcutaneous fat contents

From: Subcutaneous fat mass is associated with genetic risk scores related to proinflammatory cytokine signaling and interact with physical activity in middle-aged obese adults

 Low- GRS2
(n = 999)
(n = 1551)
(n = 744)
Gene-lifestyles interaction
P value3
Low energy11.757(1.294~2.387)***2.515(1.762~3.590)***0.508
High energy41.676(1.129~2.487)*1.842(1.123~3.021)*
Low carbohydrate11.570(0.898~2.745)2.019(1.034~3.944)*0.992
High carbohydrate51.732(1.323~2.268)***2.264(1.645~3.116)***
Low protein11.890(1.273~2.806)**2.284(1.428~3.655)**0.628
High protein61.578(1.160~2.147)**2.189(1.516~3.159)***
Low fat11.728(1.260~2.371)**2.326(1.599~3.384)***0.996
High fat71.630(1.116~2.381)*2.060(1.307~3.245)**
Low SFA11.875(1.350~2.604)***2.333(1.590~3.424)***0.725
High SFA81.494(1.044~2.139)*2.123(1.370~3.289)**
Low MUFA11.764(1.276~2.439)**2.465(1.689~3.597)***0.940
High MUFA91.599(1.106~2.312)*1.913(1.223~2.991)**
Low PUFA11.556(1.123~2.157)**1.978(1.336~2.927)**0.495
High PUFA101.789(1.243~2.574)**2.403(1.563~3.693)***
Low alcohol drinking11.743(1.347~2.256)***2.232(1.644~3.030)***0.804
High alcohol drinking111.519(0.751~3.073)2.444(1.018~5.865)*
Low coffee intake11.809(1.255~2.607)**2.697(1.734~4.195)***0.761
High coffee intake121.633(1.181~2.257)**1.936(1.325~2.829)**
Low physical activity12.113(1.593~2.804)***2.589(1.855~3.615)***0.002
High physical activity130.937(0.594~1.478)1.452(0.831~2.540)
  1. SFA saturated fatty acid, MUFA monounsaturated fatty acid, PUFA polyunsaturated fatty acids
  2. Values represent odd ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI)
  3. 1GRS was divided into 3 categories by tertiles of GRS in the model which included IL17A rs4711998, ADCY2 rs326149, ESRRG rs4846514, CYFIP2 rs733730, TCF7L2 rs7917983, ZNF766 rs41497444 and TGFBR3 rs7526590
  4. 2Reference was the Low-GRS
  5. 3Multivariate regression models include the corresponding main effects, interaction terms of gene and main effects (lifestyles including nutrient intake), and potential confounders such as age, gender, BMI, residence area, waist circumference, hip circumference, body fat, alcohol intake, physical activity, coffee intake, smoking, and energy intake
  6. The cutoff points were assigned by 75 percentiles of each parameters for the high group and they were as following: 100% estimated energy intake4, 65% carbohydrate (CHO) intake5, 13% protein intake6, 15% fat intake7, 2.8% saturated fatty acids (SFA)8, 3.7% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA)9, 2.1% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)10, 20 g alcohol per day11, 10 cups of coffee per week12, and 1 h moderate physical activity per day13
  7. *Significantly different from Low-GRS in logistic regression analysis at * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, *** P < 0.001