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Table 1 Formulation and proximate composition of the two experimental diets

From: Higher glycolytic capacities in muscle of carnivorous rainbow trout juveniles after high dietary carbohydrate stimulus at first feeding

Ingredients g/100 g dietHPLP
Fish meala94.052.0
Fish oilb2.014.0
Vitamin mixd1.01.0
Mineral mixe1.01.0
Proximate composition
 Dry matter (DM,% diet)94.5891.50
 Crude protein (% DM)69.2541.77
 Crude lipid (% DM)9.5116.27
 Gross energy (kJ g− 1 DM)20.8222.59
 Ash (% DM)18.1810.82
 Starch (% DM)0.3123.79
  1. HP, high protein diet; LP, low protein diet.a Sopropeche, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France; b North Sea fish oil, France, Sopropeche; c Gelatinized corn starch (Roquette, Lestrem, France); d Suppplied the following (kg−1 diet): DL-α-tocopherol acetate 60 IU, sodium menadione bisulphate 5 mg, retinyl acetate 15,000 IU, cholecalciferol 3000 IU, thiamine 15 mg, riboflavin 30 mg, pyridoxine 15 mg, vitamin B12 0.05 mg, nicotinic acid 175 mg, folic acid 500 mg, inositol 1000 mg, biotin 2.5 mg, calcium panthothenate 50 mg, choline chloride 2000 mg. e supplying the following (kg− 1diet): calcium carbonate (40% Ca) 2.15 g, magnesium oxide (60% Mg) 1.24 g, ferric citrate 0.2 g, potassium iodide (75% I) 0.4 mg zinc sulphate (36% Zn), 0.4 g, copper sulphate (25% Cu) 0.3 g, manganese sulphate (33% Mn) 0.3 g, dibasic calcium phosphate (20% Ca, 18% P) 5 g, cobalt sulphate 2 mg, sodium selenite (30% Se) 3 mg, potassium chloride 0.9 g and sodium chloride 0.4 g