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Table 1 Composition of the experimental diets (As-Fed basis)

From: Excessive BCAA regulates fat metabolism partially through the modification of m6A RNA methylation in weanling piglets

Ingredient (%)
 Corn (7.8%, CP)69.2469.3869.50
 Soybean meal (47%, CP)9.459.158.55
 Concentrated soybean protein (65.2%, CP)
 Fish meal (62.5%, CP)
 Whey powder (3.8%, CP)
  Soybean oil powder1.501.501.50
 L-lysine HCl0.660.660.67
 Calcium formate0.600.600.60
 Dicalcium phosphate1.131.131.13
Calculated Nutrient Content (%)
 Crude protein17.4517.4517.45
 Digestive energy (MJ/kg)14.6814.7014.64
 Total Ca0.800.800.80
 Total P0.660.660.66
 Available P0.440.440.44
 Met + Cys0.750.750.74
  1. a L-BCAA Low dose BCAA diet, N-BCAA Normal dose BCAA diet, H-BCAA High dose BCAA diet. b Provided per kilogram of diet (as-fed basis): VA, 13000 IU; VD3, 40 00 IU; VE, 39.4 mg; VB1, 6.2 mg; VB2, 11.2 mg; VB6, 12.2 mg; VB12, 4 mg; VK, 4.0 mg; niacin, 45.0 mg; folate, 2.2 mg; pantothenic acid, 25.0 mg; biotin, 0.2 mg; choline chloride, 500.0 mg; Cu, 35.0 mg; Fe, 105.0 mg; Mn, 25.0 mg; Zn, 1600.0 mg; I, 0.3 mg; Se, 0.6 mg; Co, 0.3 mg