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Table 1 Reported miRNA and their target ABC transporter

From: The impact of ATP-binding cassette transporters on metabolic diseases

miRNA Targeted ABC transporter Effect Consequence Reference
miR-19b ABCA1 Aggravating AS Lv YC et al., 2015 [67]
miR-20 ABCA1 Aggravating AS Liang B et al., 2017 [68]
miR-23a-5p ABCA1&ABCG1 Aggravating AS&AIS Yang S et al., 2018 [69]
miR-28 ABCA1 Attenuating AS Liu J et al., 2016 [70]
miR-33 ABCA1&ABCG1 Aggravating Inflammation Niesor EJ et al., 2015 [71]
Lai L et al., 2016 [72]
miR-101 ABCA1 Aggravating NAFLD&AS Zhang N et al., 2015 [73]
  1. Abbreviations: miR microRNA; ABC adenosine triphosphate-binding cassette; AS atherosclerosis; AIS acute ischemic stroke; NAFLD non-alcoholic fatty liver disease