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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression for the association of individual Components of metabolic syndrome with vitamin D status

From: Vitamin D deficiency and metabolic syndrome in elderly Chinese individuals: evidence from CLHLS

Variables 25(OH)D[OR (95%CI)]
Continuous < 20 ng/ml 20-30 ng/ml ≥30 ng/ml
Elevated triglycerides 0.60 (0.51to0.71) reference 0.54 (0.40to0.74) 0.38 (0.25to0.56)
Reduced HDL cholesterol 0.67 (0.58to0.78) reference 0.66 (0.50to0.89) 0.47 (0.32to0.69)
Elevated glucose 0.88 (0.78to0.99) reference 0.86 (0.66to1.12) 0.80 (0.59to1.10)
Elevated WC 1.08 (0.95to1.24) reference 1.00 (0.73to1.37) 1.04 (0.72to1.51)
Elevated BP 1.19 (1.02to1.39) reference 1.15 (0.82to1.62) 1.34 (0.89to2.03)
  1. Notes: Multivariate model is adjust for age, sex, race, education, marrage, physically active, smoking, drinking, BMI
  2. 25(OH)D 25 hydroxy vitamin D, HDL high density lipoprotein. WC waist circumference(cm), BP blood pressure