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Table 2 The shared contributions of diet, exercise and variables of biological relevance on the variance observed in microbiome composition using distance-based linear modelling

From: Treadmill exercise has minimal impact on obesogenic diet-related gut microbiome changes but alters adipose and hypothalamic gene expression in rats

Variable SS Pseudo-F P-Value R2 Cumulative R2
Diet 18,456 14.502 0.001 0.266 0.266
Exercise 1686.7 1.337 0.073 0.024 0.290
Liver triglyceride content 2157.7 1.742 0.008 0.031 0.321
WAT Il6 expression 1822 1.490 0.027 0.026 0.347
  1. Sequential multiple regression (captured by the Bray-Curtis similarity matrix at the OTU level, max 1000 permutations) involves interrogating the conditional contribution of each variable in order of entry into the model (to determine whether variables contribute significantly to the variance explained in the presence of other variables); here, diet and exercise conditions were added before any metabolic predictors were considered and the final model containing only statistically significant covariates is shown. Metabolic predictors included in the sequential regression were selected based on their predictive value, while trying to eliminate variables with high covariance; N = 42–46