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Table 3 Threshold effect analysis of serum calcium level and the presence of RI using piece-wise linear regression

From: Association of serum calcium levels with renal impairment and all-cause death in Chinese patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: a cross-sectional, longitudinal study

Model Result [β (95%CI) P value]
Model I
 one-line linear regression model 2.80 (1.4, 5.6) 0.004
Model II
 turning point 2.30 mmol/L
 Group1 < 2.3 correlation coefficient (β1) 0.10 (0.0, 2.3) 0.108
 Group2 > 2.3, correlation coefficient (β1) 6.20(1.9, 10.2) < 0.001
 predictive value of RI at turning point −1.40 (−1.7, −1.1)
 a log likelihood ratio test 0.011
  1. Effect: albumin-adjusted serum calcium level; Cause: myeloma-related RI adjusted for age; sex; hypertension history; diabetes history LDH, serum/urinary kappa light chain, serum/urinary lambda light chain, HB, serum globulin and ISS-stage, serum albumin, serum beta 2 microglobulin