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Table 1 Pathologies associated with altered cellular metabolism and satellite cell dysfunction

From: Disease-associated metabolic alterations that impact satellite cells and muscle regeneration: perspectives and therapeutic outlook

Investigators Model Metabolic disturbance(s) Outcome
Tamilarasan et al. [11] MCK(m)-hLPL mice Striated muscle targeted elevation of lipids Reduced muscle weight and cross-sectional area (or regeneration) after injury
Tamilarasan et al. [11] hLPL transfected C2C12 myoblasts Elevated intracellular FFA Impaired myoblasts fusion and myogenesis
Fu et al. [86] High-fat diet fed mice Obesity Reduced muscle regeneration and reduced primary satellite cell pool
D’Souza et al. [25] C57BL/6-Ins2Akita/J mice Type I diabetes Reduced muscle weight
Reduced satellite cell activation and proliferation
Reduced myogenic transcripts
Xu et al. [26] 16 week High-Fat Diet fed mice Pre-diabetes/Obesity Impaired primary satellite cell differentiation
García-Prat et al. [36] GFP–LC3 Geriatric mice Advanced age/Senescence Impaired satellite cell autophagy
Impaired expansion and fusion of transplanted myoblasts
García-Prat et al. [36] Human primary myoblasts Advanced age/Senescence Impaired clearance of cellular components and increased ROS
Reduction in proliferation
Servián-Morilla et al. [37] Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2H patients Premature senescence
Fatty replacement of muscle
Reduced myoblast proliferation and differentiation
Increased autophagic flux in myoblast
Kudryashova et al. [38] Trim32–/– (Limb-girdle dystrophy) mice Premature senescence Myoblast growth arrest
Impaired myoblasts self-renewal and differentiation
Yablonka-Reuveni et al
Bell et al
mdx mice Mitochondrial abnormalities [47] Accelerated muscle regeneration [42]
Schaaf et al. [48] Pompe patients
(4 disease groups)
Lysosomal glycogen accumulation Impaired satellite cell activation and differentiation
Lagalice et al. [49] GAA-KO 6neo/6neo (Pompe) mice Lysosomal glycogen accumulation
Lipid accumulation
Impaired muscle regeneration
Increase satellite cell activation (and quantity for young mice only)
Schaaf et al. [50] Gaa−/− (Pompe) mice Lysosomal glycogen accumulation Increased satellite cell pool
Impaired muscle regeneration
Manzano et al. [55] SOD1-G93A mutant (ALS) mice Altered superoxide dismutase function Alterations in satellite cell abundance and activation
Gouzi et al. [8] COPD patients Elevated ROS Increased myoblast autophagy
Pomiès et al. [63] COPD patients Increased oxidative stress Myoblasts with: greater susceptibility to oxidative stress, reduced fusion capacity, increased protein carbonylation
Myotubes with reduced diameter
Rocheteau et al. [64] Cecal ligation and puncture in mice Sepsis Impaired satellite cell proliferation
Reduced satellite cell quantity
Impaired muscle regeneration
Altered satellite cell mitochondria