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Table 1 Association of TM4 SNP rs147851454 with obesity

From: PS-341 alleviates chronic low-grade inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity through the inhibition of TM4 (UBAC2) degradation

NGT Obesity CC/CT/TT C allele frequency Risk allele (T) Genotype (unadjusted) Adjusted with age and gender
Over weight Normal Cases Controls OR (95% CI) P OR (95%CI) P OR (95%CI) P
HRM 981/37/1 2320/53/2 0.981 0.988 1.6063 (1.0653,2.4220) 0.0225 1.571 (1.051,2.347) 0.0275 1.547 (1.032,2.319) 0.0347