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Table 3 Metabolites, enzymes and transporters involved in cervical cancer and their related phenotypes

From: Metabolic reprogramming in cervical cancer and metabolomics perspectives

Metabolic pathway Specific factors involved Related phenotypes
Glycometabolism Metabolites Lactate Pro-cancerous M2 macrophage, DNA repair after chemotherapy
Enzymes LDHA Proliferation, invasion
PKM2 Radioresistant
Lipid metabolism Metabolites Membrane compositions Migration
Oleic acid Proliferation, invasion
Transporters CD36
Amino acid metabolism Metabolites Kynurenine Immunologic tolerance, metastasis
  1. Several specific metabolites, enzymes and transporters have been confirmed in experimental studies to be related to cancerous phenotypes in cervical cancer. Metabolic alterations are relevant to various malignant biological properties of cancer, including increased proliferation, distant metastasis and immune escape