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Table 2 Pearson bivariate correlation of body weight, food intake, plasma glucose levels, plasma b-hydroxybutyrate levels, and seizure susceptibility in adult EL mice 1

From: Management of multifactorial idiopathic epilepsy in EL mice with caloric restriction and the ketogenic diet: role of glucose and ketone bodies

Parameter Body weight (g) Food Intake (Kcal) Glucose (mM) Ketones (mM) Seizure Susceptibility
Body weight (g) 1.000     
Food Intake (Kcal) 0.488* 1.000    
Glucose (mM) 0.509* 0.382* 1.000   
Ketones (mM) -0.379* -0.379* -0.429* 1.000  
Seizure Susceptibility 0.512* 0.464* 0.616* -0.510* 1.000
  1. 1 Data were obtained from all four dietary groups over the treatment weeks 3–12 for a total number of 210 seizure and glucose measurements (see figure 1).
  2. * All correlations were significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).