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  1. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a chronic progressive disease that can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Animal models are important tools for basic NASH research. Immune activatio...

    Authors: Qian Zhang, Yue Jin, Xin Xin, Ziming An, Yi-yang Hu, Yajuan Li and Qin Feng
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:28
  2. Serum cholinesterase (ChE) is positively associated with incident diabetes and dyslipidemia. We aimed to investigate the relationship between ChE and the incidence of diabetic retinopathy (DR).

    Authors: Rong Yu, Xiaoqi Ye, Xiangning Wang, Qiang Wu, Lili Jia, Keqing Dong, Zhijun Zhu, Yuqian Bao, Xuhong Hou and Weiping Jia
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:26
  3. Few studies considered the association between snack patterns and metabolic abnormalities. Here we aimed to characterize the major snack patterns among Iranian adults and determine their association with the r...

    Authors: Zahra Gaeini, Hanieh Malmir, Parvin Mirmiran, Zahra Feizy and Fereidoun Azizi
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:25
  4. Serum albumin level is a crucial nutritional indicator for patients on dialysis. Approximately one-third of patients on hemodialysis (HD) have protein malnutrition. Therefore, the serum albumin level of patien...

    Authors: Cheng-Hong Yang, Yin-Syuan Chen, Jin-Bor Chen, Hsiu-Chen Huang and Li-Yeh Chuang
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:24
  5. Regular physical activity elicits many health benefits. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms through which physical activity influences overall health are less understood. Untargeted metabolomics enabl...

    Authors: Samuel Muli, Christian Brachem, Ute Alexy, Matthias Schmid, Kolade Oluwagbemigun and Ute Nöthlings
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:23
  6. To investigate the ameliorative effects of glucosamine (GS), chondroitin sulphate (CS) and glucosamine plus chondroitin sulphate (GC) on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in rats, and to explore the mechanism of GS, C...

    Authors: Xuesong Wang, Dongsong Liu, Dan Li, Jiai Yan, Ju Yang, Xiaohui Zhong, Qin Xu, Yuanze Xu, Yanping Xia, Qinyue Wang, Hong Cao and Feng Zhang
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:22
  7. Calcium could impact on vascular functions and structures and cause atherosclerosis. Thus, we aimed to examine the association of long-term calcium and dairy products intake in adolescence with cIMT and MetS i...

    Authors: Assa AkbarySedigh, Golaleh Asghari, Maryam Mahdavi, Parvin Mirmiran, Majid Valizadeh and Fereidoun Azizi
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:21
  8. Metabolic syndrome and obesity are risk factors for gallstones. However, these two factors often occur together, and few studies have focused on the association between metabolically healthy overweight/obesity...

    Authors: Junlu Zhang, Liangli Chen, Keqing Shen, Jia Zhang, Yue Zhu, Qiaohua Qiao and Liying Chen
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:20
  9. High fat diet (HFD) increases the likelihood of dyslipidemia, which can be a serious risk factor for atherosclerosis, diabetes or hepatosteatosis. Although changes in different blood lipid levels were broadly ...

    Authors: Krisztina Németh, Blanka Tóth, Farkas Sarnyai, Anna Koncz, Dorina Lenzinger, Éva Kereszturi, Tamás Visnovitz, Brachyahu Meir Kestecher, Xabier Osteikoetxea, Miklós Csala, Edit I. Buzás and Viola Tamási
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:19
  10. We explored the dietary effects of replacing normal dietary staple foods with supplementary nutritional protein powder, dietary fiber, and fish oil on several metabolic parameters. We examined weight loss, glu...

    Authors: Yulian Zhong, Ximin Chen, Chao Huang, Yuexiao Chen, Fengyi Zhao, Runhua Hao, Niannian Wang, Wang Liao, Hui Xia, Ligang Yang, Shaokang Wang and Guiju Sun
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:18

    The Correction to this article has been published in Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:27

  11. In this study, differentially expressed metabolites of vascular endothelial cells were examined to further understand the metabolic regulation of ischemic injury by untargeted metabolomics.

    Authors: Ruihao Wu, Jiayin Zhong, Lei Song, Min Zhang, Lulu Chen, Li Zhang and Zhaohui Qiu
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:17
  12. Studies have shown that probiotics have an effect on reducing body fat on a strain-specific and dose–response bases. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a novel probiotic strain Lacticaseibaci...

    Authors: Guzailinuer Kadeer, Wanrui Fu, Yaqi He, Ying Feng, Wei-Hsein Liu, Wei-Lian Hung, Haotian Feng and Wen Zhao
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:16
  13. Metabolic dysfunction is a major determinant in the progression of fatty liver disease. It is pivotal to evaluate the metabolic status and subsequent transition in fatty liver population and to identify the ri...

    Authors: Zhuojun Xin, Jiaojiao Huang, Qiuyu Cao, Jialu Wang, Ruixin He, Tianzhichao Hou, Yi Ding, Jieli Lu, Tiange Wang, Zhiyun Zhao, Weiqing Wang, Guang Ning, Min Xu, Yufang Bi, Yu Xu and Mian Li
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:15
  14. The associations between obesity and abnormalities of upper and lower extremity arteries remain to be elucidated. This study is aimed to investigate whether general obesity and abdominal obesity are associated...

    Authors: Yong Wang, Xiaoyan Guo, Yi Zhang, Ruiyan Zhang and Jue Li
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:14
  15. Dietary fat intake affects brain composition and function. Different types of dietary fatty acids alter species and abundance of brain lipids in mice. The aim of this study is to explore whether the changes ar...

    Authors: Jinchen Li, Hongying Huang, Rong Fan, Yinan Hua and Weiwei Ma
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:12
  16. As dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) dietary pattern has been shown to be effective in hypertension and obesity, the present study investigated the effects of following DASH diet on glycemic, meta...

    Authors: Farnaz Rooholahzadegan, Sara Arefhosseini, Helda Tutunchi, Taghi Badali, Manuchehr Khoshbaten and Mehrangiz Ebrahimi-Mameghani
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:11
  17. MC903 is a synthetic derivative of vitamin D3 that has been designed to diminish its impact on calcium metabolism and is clinically used as a transdermal reagent for psoriasis. Animal studies showed that an or...

    Authors: Tsutomu Wada, Yuichiro Miyazawa, Misa Ikurumi, Kento Fuse, Akira Okekawa, Yasuhiro Onogi, Shigeru Saito, Hiroshi Tsuneki and Toshiyasu Sasaoka
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:10
  18. Gastrodin is an effective polyphenol extracted from Chinese natural herbal Gastrodiae elata Blume, which exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It has been reported to benefit neurodegenerative disea...

    Authors: Xiaofei Xue, Fulei Li, Mengke Xu, Bowen Chen, Yanyan Zhao, Mengyu Wang and Ling Li
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:9
  19. The multitude of obesogenic diets used in rodent studies can hardly be overviewed. Since standardization is missing and assuming that individual compositions provoke individual effects, the choice of quality, ...

    Authors: Ruth Janoschek, Marion Handwerk, Eva Hucklenbruch-Rother, Lisa Schmitz, Inga Bae-Gartz, Philipp Kasper, Jan-Wilm Lackmann, Tobias Kretschmer, Christina Vohlen, Andrea Mesaros, Martin Purrio, Alexander Quaas, Jörg Dötsch and Sarah Appel
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:8
  20. Lipid metabolism dysregulation is a prominent metabolic alteration in various cancers. The study aimed to explore the association of plasma lipid metabolism profiles with overall survival (OS) for gastric canc...

    Authors: Yaopeng Qiu, Zhou Xu, Qingfeng Xie, Renyi Zhang, Luyao Wang, Liying Zhao and Hao Liu
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:7
  21. The use of non-drug intervention for calcium deficiency has attracted attention in recent years. Although calcium carbonate is the preferred raw material for calcium supplementation, there are few reports on t...

    Authors: Tianshu Liu, Hai Yu, Shuai Wang, Huimin Li, Xinyiran Du and Xiaodong He
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:6
  22. Obesity is an strong risk factor for atrial fibrillation (AF), and obesity can affect the prognosis of AF. However, the role of weight loss on outcomes after ablation remains unclear.

    Authors: Huilei Zhao, Xiaozhong Li, Peng Yu, Menglu Liu, Jianyong Ma, Jingfeng Wang, Wengen Zhu and Xiao Liu
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:5
  23. The risk of cardiovascular diseases has rapidly increased among middle-aged and elderly. However, little is known about the relationship of body composition changes with the risk of cardiovascular events among...

    Authors: Tingting Hu, Yun Shen, Weijie Cao, Yiting Xu, Yufei Wang, Xiaojing Ma and Yuqian Bao
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:4
  24. Animal and human studies suggest the gut microbiome is linked to diabetes but additional data are needed on the associations of the gut microbiome to specific diabetes characteristics. The aim of this study wa...

    Authors: Yi-Han Hu, Katie Meyer, Anju Lulla, Cora E. Lewis, Mercedes R. Carnethon, Pamela J. Schreiner, Stephen Sidney, James M. Shikany, Osorio Meirelles and Lenore J. Launer
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:3
  25. Precisely predicting the short- and long-term survival of patients with cancer is important. The tumor-node-metastasis (TNM) stage can accurately predict the long-term, but not short-term, survival of cancer. ...

    Authors: Guo-Tian Ruan, Meng-Meng Song, Kang-Ping Zhang, Hai-Lun Xie, Qi Zhang, Xi Zhang, Meng Tang, Xiao-Wei Zhang, Yi-Zhong Ge, Ming Yang, Li-Chen Zhu and Han-Ping Shi
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:2
  26. Atherosclerosis (AS) is the major cause of cardiovascular disease, and dyslipidemia is a principal determinant of the initiation and progression of AS. Numerous works have analyzed the lipid signature of blood...

    Authors: Li Zhang, Liling Xiong, Li Fan, Haoyang Diao, Mi Tang, Erdan Luo, Wenmei Guo, Xiao Yang and Shasha Xing
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2023 20:1
  27. Type 2 diabetes (T2D) combined with hypertension has a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This study aimed to investigate the relationships between the surrogate indicators of insulin resistanc...

    Authors: Jing Dong, Yu-Hong Liu, Ya-Ke Lu, Li-Kun Hu, Ning Chen, Lin-Lin Ma, Xi Chu and Yu-Xiang Yan
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:85
  28. Evidence from previous studies has suggested that ginger extract exhibits the potential as an alternative treatment for Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Here, we want to investigate whether ginger suppleme...

    Authors: Yaqi Li, Dawei Yang, Xiwen Gao, Minjie Ju, Hao Fang, Zuoqin Yan, Huanru Qu, Yuanhao Zhang, Linshan Xie, Huifen Weng, Chunxue Bai, Yuanlin Song, Zhirong Sun, Wenye Geng and Xiang Gao
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:84
  29. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in various genetic loci are associated with childhood obesity; however, their influence on adolescent growth patterns has rarely been explored. This study investigated wh...

    Authors: Yi-Fan Wu, Kuo-Liong Chien and Yang-Ching Chen
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:83
  30. White adipose tissue can be classified based on its location as subcutaneous and visceral fat, and the latter accumulation is reported to be more detrimental to metabolism. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress ha...

    Authors: Chifa Ma, Tingting Shi, Lini Song, Jingyi Liu and Mingxia Yuan
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:82
  31. Iron metabolism may be involved in the pathogenesis of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The relationship between iron metabolism and NAFLD has not been clearly established. This study aimed to cl...

    Authors: Xinxin Zhang, Ronghua Zuo, Shengjue Xiao and Lirui Wang
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:81
  32. Inhibition of hepatic lipogenesis is widely regarded as an effective treatment for metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD), although numerous related drugs have failed to reach clinical application. T...

    Authors: Yaodi Shao, Zhi Yao, Junyi Zhou, Miao Yu, Suzhen Chen, Yanmei Yuan, Liu Han, Liqin Jiang and Junli Liu
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:80
  33. Abdominal obesity (AO) is linked to reduced health status and mortality. While it is known that AO is prevalent in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AO-COPD), the specific metabolic and functional consequ...

    Authors: Clayton L. Cruthirds, Nicolaas E. P. Deutz, Yani G. G. Mizubuti, Rajesh I. Harrykissoon, Anthony J. Zachria and Mariëlle P. K. J. Engelen
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:79
  34. Postoperative insulin resistance (PIR) represents an important characteristic of metabolic response following surgical injury. Clinical outcomes are negatively correlated to postoperative insulin resistance an...

    Authors: Jin Zhang, Rui Chi, Yunpeng Zhang, Yi Xie, Yunxia Liu, Qun Bao, Hengyu Lv, Bo Han, Haipeng Sun and Peng Sun
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:78
  35. As a cardiometabolic disease, hypertension has shown an obvious upward trend, becoming a global epidemic chronic disease. Lifestyle intervention is a fundamental method for lowering blood pressure. This system...

    Authors: Weihao Wang, Ran Wei, Qi Pan and Lixin Guo
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:77
  36. Insulin resistance precedes metabolic syndrome which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, there is a lack of safe and long-lasting methods for the prevention and treatment...

    Authors: Yue Zhong, Yang Xiao, Jing Gao, Zhaozheng Zheng, Ziheng Zhang, Lu Yao and Dongmin Li
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:76
  37. Senile osteoporosis (SOP) is one of the most prevalent diseases that afflict the elderly population, which characterized by decreased osteogenic ability. Glucosamine (GlcN) is an over-the-counter dietary suppl...

    Authors: Wei Su, Chen Lv, Lingtuo Huang, XiaoHang Zheng and Shengwu Yang
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:75
  38. The potential effects of dietary oxalate (Ox) intake on cardio-renal function have remained unestablished. We evaluated the effect of usual Ox intake and its interaction with dietary calcium (Ca) on incident h...

    Authors: Parvin Mirmiran, Zahra Bahadoran and Fereidoun Azizi
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:74
  39. Patients on parenteral nutrition (PN) are at high risk of both liver and pancreatic injury. More efforts were focused on liver, however, limited data is available to evaluate the effects of PN on pancreas. Thu...

    Authors: Xiao-min Zhang, Yi-quan Zhou, Yan-ping Wan, Hao-jie Li, Zhi-qi Chen, An-qi Song, Mo-lian Tang, Renying Xu and Wei Cai
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:73
  40. This study aimed to identify the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) that contributed to the different amount of fat loss between subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) among cac...

    Authors: Jun Han, Zuoyou Ding, Qiulin Zhuang, Lei Shen, Fan Yang, Szechun Sah and Guohao Wu
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:72
  41. The role of dietary protein and glycemic index on insulin resistance (based on TyG index) within a nutritional program for weight loss and weight maintenance was examined.

    Authors: Fernando Vidal-Ostos, Omar Ramos-Lopez, Susan A. Jebb, Angeliki Papadaki, Andreas F. H. Pfeiffer, Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska, Marie Kunešová, Ellen E. Blaak, Arne Astrup and J. Alfredo Martinez
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:71
  42. Epidemiological studies have identified common risk factors for cerebral stroke worldwide. Some of these factors include hypertension, diabetes, smoking, excessive drinking, and dyslipidemia. It is important t...

    Authors: Chun-Hsiang Lin, Oswald Ndi Nfor, Chien-Chang Ho, Shu-Yi Hsu, Disline Manli Tantoh, Yi-Chia Liaw, Daria Mochly-Rosen, Che-Hong Chen and Yung-Po Liaw
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:70
  43. Using proteomic techniques the impact of the sodium-glucose transport protein 2 inhibitor empagliflozin on cardiac protein expression in a mouse model was assessed under normal and high-fat diet (HFD) conditio...

    Authors: Xiaoyu Pan, Shuchun Chen, Xing Chen, Qingjuan Ren, Lin Yue, Shu Niu, Zelin Li, Ruiyi Zhu, Xiaoyi Chen, Zhuoya Jia, Ruoxi Zhen and Jiangli Ban
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:69
  44. Membrane nephropathy (MN) often presents as nephrotic syndrome with characteristic lipid metabolism that could not be explained by lipid indicators commonly used in clinical practice. Studies have shown that i...

    Authors: Zhenzhen Lu, Conghui Liu, Qingqing Wu and Yueyi Deng
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:68
  45. Hypertension, a well-known risk factor, contributes to millions of deaths from cardiovascular and renal diseases worldwide. However, evidence on the association between frequency of dairy product consumption a...

    Authors: Hao Wang, Lingli Chen, Yuan Cao, Kaixu Xie, Chunmei Wang, Pei Pei, Yu Guo, Fiona Bragg, Min Yu, Zhengming Chen and Liming Li
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:67
  46. Optimal composition of intestinal bacteria is an essential condition for good health. Excessive growth of these bacteria can cause various ailments. The aim of this study was to assess the mental state and gas...

    Authors: Cezary Chojnacki, Tomasz Popławski, Paulina Konrad, Michał Fila, Janusz Błasiak and Jan Chojnacki
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:66
  47. This study aimed to examine the effect of lunches with different caloric contents (Study 1) and nutrient balances (Study 2) on dinner-induced postprandial glucose fluctuation.

    Authors: Mai Kuwahara, Hyeon-Ki Kim, Akiko Furutani, Yui Mineshita, Takashi Nakaoka and Shigenobu Shibata
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:65
  48. Nigella sativa (N. sativa), one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs with antioxidant properties, increases blood insulin levels and lowers fasting blood sugar. Nuclear Erythroid Factor-Related Factor 2 (Nrf...

    Authors: Mahsa Soleimani-Dodran, Reza Alipanah-Moghadam, Farhad Jeddi, Mohammad Babaei, Ramin Salimnejad and Elham Bahreini
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2022 19:64

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