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Figure 3

From: Herbal adaptogens combined with protein fractions from bovine colostrum and hen egg yolk reduce liver TNF-α expression and protein carbonylation in Western diet feeding in rats

Figure 3

Markers of antioxidant capacity and oxidative stress following the feeding intervention. WD + AF rats experienced a decrease in liver (A) and serum total antioxidant capacity (B), although there was a paradoxical tendency for liver protein carbonyls to decrease in WD + AF rats (C). Only 25% of WD + AF rats presented detectable levels of serum 8-isoprostane, a marker of systemic oxidative stress, whereas 50 and 66% of the WD and CTL animals presented detectable levels of this marker (D). Abbreviations and symbols: CTL = control low-fat/low-sugar 14% diet, WD = Western diet, WD + AF = Western diet + anti-inflammatory supplement; In A/B, different superscript letters represents differences between groups (a > b, p < 0.05).

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