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Figure 2

From: Embryonic viability, lipase deficiency, hypertriglyceridemia and neonatal lethality in a novel LMF1-deficient mouse model

Figure 2

Generation of LMF1-/- mice. (A) Schematic illustration of the novel LMF1 allele showing a gene-trap insertion event in intron 1. Gray numbered boxes represent exons. The gene-trap cassette contains a splice acceptor sequence (SA), neomycin resistance gene (neo) and polyadenylation sequence (pA). Arrowheads indicate primers (p1-p5) used for RT-PCR analysis. (B) RT-PCR analysis of LMF1 expression in neonatal liver RNA. (C) qPCR analysis of LMF1 expression in mouse embryonic fibroblasts using primers p6 and p7 shown in panel A.

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