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Figure 1 | Nutrition & Metabolism

Figure 1

From: An evaluation of the metabolic syndrome in a large multi-ethnic study: the Family Blood Pressure Program

Figure 1

Percent of Participants by Network and Ethnicity that Pass Thresholds per Each Risk Factor as Defined by NCEP and Percent of Participants that had 3, 4, and 5 MetS Risk Factor Combinations Beyond the NCEP Thresholds. Footnote. MS3, MS4 and MS5: three, four and five risk factors beyond the NCEP thresholds; AACo-African Americans combined; AAG-Genoa African Americans; AAH-HyperGEN African Americans; WCo-Whites combined; WG-GENOA Whites; WH-HyperGEN Whites; ACo-Asians combined; AC-Chinese Asians; AJ-Japanese Asians; His-Hispanics

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