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Table 4 Real-Time RT-PCR analysis of PPARα gene expression in liver tissue from chow-fed (control), and high fructose-fed animals treated with vehicle, NDGA or BW-755c

From: Reversal of High dietary fructose-induced PPARα suppression by oral administration of lipoxygenase/cyclooxygenase inhibitors

Diet Treatment PPARα normalized to 18S rRNA (Relative value ± SE)
Normal Chow Vehicle 2.375 ± 0.576
HFF Vehicle 0.425 ± 0.085a
HFF NDGA-250 mg/kg (b.i.d.) 3.600 ± 0.339b
HFF BW-755c-100 mg/kg (b.i.d.) 2.150 ± 0.417c
  1. Results are Mean ± SE of four different samples
  2. ap < 0.01 Chow vs HFF
  3. bp < 0.001 HFF vs HFF/NDGA treatment
  4. cp < 0.001 HFF vs HFF/BW-755c treatment