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Figure 2

From: Short-term arginine deprivation results in large-scale modulation of hepatic gene expression in both normal and tumor cells: microarray bioinformatic analysis

Figure 2

Northern blot confirmation of selected rat hepatic gene expression in normal and tumor cells in response to 18 hr arginine deprivation. Total RNA (10 ug per culture condition) was electrophoresed and blotted to nylon membranes for sequential hybridization with P-32 labeled cDNA probes for p21, GADD45, Insig-1, 4F2, LAT1, LAT2 and GAPDH. Autoradiographic exposures shown represent maximal differences observed between + and - arginine conditions. The ethidium bromide stained blot prior to hybridization is shown below for comparison of loading between lanes and evidence of intact RNA quality.

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