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Archived Comments for: Protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition

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  1. Wrong citation

    Markus Auer, Private

    3 April 2010


    I just discovered a wrong query in your article:

    "The most sophisticated study to date demonstrated that a 35 g dose of rapidly absorbed casein hydrolysate is ~30% more effective in stimulating skeletal muscle protein synthesis than intact casein when measured over the 6 h period [13]."

    Study #13 is not the right one, #14 would be good instead.

    Thanks and bye

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  2. Thanks for the correction

    Anssi Manninen, Manninen Nutraceuticals Oy

    2 July 2010

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the correction. Indeed, the right reference number for "The most sophisticated study to date demonstrated.." is 14, not 13.

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