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Figure 5

From: Kupffer cells ameliorate hepatic insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids: the evidence for the involvement of alternatively activated macrophages

Figure 5

Effect of HF diet and Kupffer cells reduction on insulin signalling. A: PKB (Ser473) phosphorylation, B: insulin receptor (phospho Y1158) phosphorylation. The results are expressed as fold increase in the insulin-stimulated state relative to the basal state. Representative Western blot is shown above each graph. The basal level of PKB-and IR-phosphorylation was determined in the homogenate prepared from the liver of 24 hours starved animals. The effect of insulin was determined in identically processed samples from animals which had free access to food and 30 min prior to decapitation were administered insulin 6 U/kg. The total PKB and IR expression was determined after striping the membranes and re-blotting with anti-PKB and anti-IR antibodies, resp. All data are presented together with median. gray SD; gray □ SD + GdCl3; gray HF; gray Δ HF + GdCl3. *** p < 0.001 HF + GdCl3 vs HF; x p < 0.05, xx p < 0.01 HF vs SD.

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