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Archived Comments for: D-Lactate altered mitochondrial energy production in rat brain and heart but not liver

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  1. Complex effects of D-lactate

    Heikki Savolainen, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

    4 July 2012

    Dear Editor,

    Ling et al. (1) show convincingly that highly oxygen-depedent organs are more prone to the toxic effects of D-lactate than liver.

    However, dosing of D-lactate in a liver cell culture has other very interesting effects. Namely, the PI3K/AktPKB/PKC acitivity is decreased which leads to low BAD activity allowing increased apoptosis (2).

    This indicates that D-lactate can also have other significant metabolic effects e.g. in diabetics who have increased D-lactate burden because of excessive methylglyoxal from glucose (3).

    1 Ling et al. Nutrition and Metab 2012; 9: 6

    2 Miyamato. J Am Coll Surg 2007; 204: 182

    3 Talasniemi et al. Clin Biochem 2008; 41: 1099

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