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Fig. 9

From: A novel anti-inflammatory natural product from Sphaeranthus indicus inhibits expression of VCAM1 and ICAM1, and slows atherosclerosis progression independent of lipid changes

Fig. 9

Effect of S. indicus extract on aortic lipid deposition in diet-induced hyperlipidemic hamsters. Animals were fed high fat high cholesterol diet and concomitantly dosed by oral gavage At the end of 10 weeks of treatment, hamsters were euthanized under CO2 and blood withdrawn by cardiac puncture and processed plasma lipid and glucose analysis. Their thorax was opened and vasculature perfused first with heparinized saline then with 10 % formalin. The aorta attached to heart and containing aortic arch, thoracic and abdominal aorta to the femoral artery bifurcation were removed and placed in 10 % formalin for en face staining and lesion quantitation. Aortic lipid contents were quantitated by en face staining with Oil Red O and atherosclerotic lesion area coverage determined by image analysis

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