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Table 1 Bacteria used in this study

From: Bacterial metabolites directly modulate farnesoid X receptor activity

Strain Accession number Isolation source Taxonomic assignment 16S rRNA sequence similarity (%)
W1   Culture collections Lactobacillus casei [NBRC 15883] -
W2   Culture collections Lactobacillus fermentum [NBRC 15885] -
W3   Culture collections Lactobacillus plantarum [NBRC 15891] -
W4   Culture collections Lactococcus lactis [NBRC 100933] -
W5 LC061609 Dairy foods Lactobacillus gasseri [FJ557004] 99
W6 LC061610 Dairy foods Lactobacillus delbrueckii [CP000156] 99
W7 LC061611 Dairy foods Streptococcus thermophilus [FR875178] 99
W8 LC061612 Dairy foods Lactobacillus helveticus [CP011386] 99
W9 LC061613 Dairy foods Lactobacillus gasseri [FJ557004] 99
W10 LC061614 Dairy foods Streptococcus thermophilus [FR875178] 99
W11 LC061615 Dairy foods Lactobacillus reuteri [EU722746] 99
W12 LC033789 Dairy foods Lactobacillus helveticus [HM218413] 99
W13 (WU 12)a AB932539 Human feces Bifidobacterium bifidum [AP012323] 100
W14 (WU 16)a AB932540 Human fces Bifidobacterium longum [FP929034] 100
W15 (WU 22)a AB932542 Human feces Bifidobacterium adolescentis [CP010437] 99
W16 (WU 57)a AB932544 Human feces Bifidobacterium bifidum [KJ160509] 99
W18 LC033790 Human feces Bacteroides dorei [EU722737] 99
W19 LC033791 Human feces Eubacterium limosum [AB638446] 99
W20 LC033792 Human feces Bacteroides sp.W20 [EU728710] 99
W21 LC033793 Human feces Bacteroides fragilis [AB618792] 98
W22 LC033794 Human feces Ruminococcus sp.W22 [FJ611794] 99
W23 LC033795 Human feces Clostridiales bacterium W23 [HQ452859] 98
W24 LC033796 Human feces Bacteroides uniformis [AB247142] 99
W25 LC033797 Mouse feces Parabacteroides distasonis [AB238924] 98
W26 LC033798 Mouse feces Bacteroides acidifaciens [AB510696] 97
W27 LC033799 Mouse feces Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron [AE015928] 97
W28 LC033800 Mouse feces Lactobacillus johnsonii [FN298497] 99
W29 LC033801 Mouse feces Lactobacillus reuteri [KR492886] 97
W30 LC033802 Mouse feces Lactobacillus animalis [AB911535] 98
W31 LC033803 Mouse feces Bacteroides sartorii [AB572597] 98
W32 LC033804 Mouse feces Bacteroides sp.W32 [AB599946] 99
W33 LC033805 Mouse feces Parabacteroides goldsteinii [AB547650] 99
W34 LC033806 Mouse feces Enterococcus faecalis [FJ378702] 99
W35 LC033807 Human feces Enterococcus durans [AJ276354] 99
W36 (WU 27)a AB932524 Human feces Enterococcus raffinosus [AF061003] 99
W37 (WU 65)a AB932534 Human feces Enterococcus cecorum [AF061009] 99
W38 (WU 76)a AB932546 Human feces Enterococcus avium [DQ779961] 100
W39 LC033808 Human feces Enterococcus faecium [FJ378690] 99
  1. aThese strains are the same as those previously reported [44]