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Table 1 SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells were treated with 1 μM morphine, bBCM7 or hBCM7 for 4 h (n = 5). DNA methylation was measured by MBD-seq, while mRNA transcription was measured with whole genome microarray. IPA functional analysis was performed with DETs and DMTs for the treatments vs. control. P values were generated by IPA for gene ontology categories associated with gastrointestinal disease, inflammatory disease or inflammatory response for each treatment vs. control. P-values are displayed as a range based on the number of genes from the experimental list that appears in a particular ontology [sub-group] within a Disease or Disorder category

From: Epigenetic effects of casein-derived opioid peptides in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells

Disease or disorder P-value ranges for DMTs
Morphine hBCM7 bBCM7
Gastrointestinal disease 9.34E-08 – 1.07E-02 1.09E-12 – 7.32E-03  
Inflammatory disease    3.96E-03 – 4.51E-02
Inflammatory response 5.46E-05 – 1.07E-02   
  P-value ranges for DETs
Morphine hBCM7 bBCM7
Gastrointestinal disease    
Inflammatory disease 1.33E-12 – 1.35E-03   
Inflammatory response 4.06E-08 – 1.33E-03