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Fig. 2

From: Short chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency and short-term high-fat diet perturb mitochondrial energy metabolism and transcriptional control of lipid-handling in liver

Fig. 2

Effect of Acads genotype on pAMPK in the liver of mice fed high-fat diet. Legend: On chow (day 0) and after one day of high-fat diet, there was no effect of genotype on pAMPK level in liver. However, on day 2 of high-fat diet, pAMPK level was increased by ~40 % in Acads−/− compared to Acads+/+ mice. Food was removed at 0700, animals were euthanized and tissues were harvested at 0900. Immunoblots for total AMPK, pAMPK and beta actin are shown. n = 3–5 per genotype and day. *P < 0.005, genotype comparison

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