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Fig. 4 | Nutrition & Metabolism

Fig. 4

From: Heat-treated high-fat diet modifies gut microbiota and metabolic markers in apoe−/− mice

Fig. 4

Loading (big panel) and score scatter (small panel) PLS plots showing correlations between the gut microbiota and different biomarkers. Bacterial genera are shown in small circles and colored by the phylum they belong to (green, Actinobacteria; dark blue, Bacteroidetes; red, Cyanobacteria; yellow, Deferribacteres; light blue, Firmicutes, purple, Proteobacteria; orange, Tenericutes; pink, Verrucomicrobia). Metabolic biomarkers are shown in black stars. Each circle in score scatter plot (small panel) represents each mouse and is colored by the group they belong to (yellow, LF; blue, HF; red, HT)

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