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Fig. 1

From: Over-expression of Slc30a8/ZnT8 selectively in the mouse α cell impairs glucagon release and responses to hypoglycemia

Fig. 1

Overexpression of human ZnT8 in the α cell. a Genotyping by PCR. The Glu-rtTA transgene was amplified by standard PCR to identify control and transgenic animals. Lanes derived from control (lacking the GlrTTA transgene) mice are indicated with arrows as “C”. Samples from transgene-bearing mice are present in lanes 1,2,4,6,7,9,11. b Human ZnT8 expression in isolated islets. Total RNA was extracted from islets from control and transgenic mice. The levels of hZnT8 were assessed by RT-qPCR. c Human ZnT8 expression in purified α-cells. RNA was extracted from α-cells obtained from control or αZnT8Tg mice. The levels of hZnT8 mRNA were assessed by RT-qPCR

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